Dive & Drive experience


Bonaire has repeatedly been nominated the best diving destination in the Caribbean and is often referred to as "Diver's Paradise". The breathtaking underwater world of Bonaire offers a huge diversity of beautiful tropical fish and other colorful animals.

With our Dive & Drive package you can explore the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire in a safe and fun way.

Surf & Drive experience


It is not a secret that Bonaire is also a paradise to windsurfers. At Sorobon, you will find gorgeous powder-like sand that blends into the shallow blue waters of Lac Bay.

Due to the onshore wind and the pleasant water temperature, Lac Bay is always at the top of the lists of the best global windsurfing spots.

Kite & Drive experience


The kitesurfing locations of Bonaire are located in the southwest of the island where an offshore wind always blows and the water surface is flat. What makes this place absolutely magical are the salt pans, which when illuminated by the Caribbean sun give off a hypnotic glow.

Dolphins also regularly jump along with the kiters on Bonaire. They are familiar with people and like to follow the jumps of the kiters.

Dive, Drive & Dine experience


Na een mooie dag duiken heerlijk onderuitgezakt nagenieten bij ons restaurant The Beach. Kies voor de dagverse vis of maak gebruik van uw eigen Green Egg naast u aan tafel. De selectie aan gerechten biedt voor ieder wat wils uit de Europese en Caraïbische keuken. Na het diner kunt u plaatsnemen aan de bar voor de gezelligheid die Bonaire eigen is en houdt de zee in de gaten voor passerende dolfijnen.