Discover Divers Paradise Bonaire, the most beautiful diving destination in the Caribbean

Every diving enthusiast has it on their bucket list: the world’s most beautiful diving destination the breathtaking underwater world of the Bonaire National Marine Park. Once you have discovered this coral island, you are hooked and will return again and again to marvel at all that can be seen underwater.

Bonaire is considered one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. And you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy yourself here. Learning to dive is ideal on Bonaire. A diving course on Bonaire is so much more fun than in the cold dark water in the Netherlands, and you immediately enjoy the relaxed island life.

Well-protected coral

Bonaire’s coral reefs are home to a multitude of tropical fish and offer a huge diversity of numerous marine inhabitants. The coral is in remarkably good condition partly because Bonaire is outside the hurricane zone. Tropical storms do not have a chance to affect the coral. Also, the coral near Bonaire suffers much less from bleaching. A consequence of the warming of the oceans that eventually threatens the coral with extinction. Moreover, the coral is very well protected by the local authorities. The diving schools and their instructors are also careful about their underwater paradise. Bart Snelders of the diving school Wannadive can attest to this: ‘We are privileged to have been able to operate our diving school on this unprecedentedly beautiful island for many years. By being careful with the coral, we can maintain this for a long time to come and let many divers enjoy it.’

The best dive school on Bonaire

Bart is no stranger to Bonaire and has guided many enthusiastic divers. ‘Learning to dive on Bonaire is the best thing there is. You immediately see beautiful fish, turtles and the colorful coral while you get your PADI diving license step by step.’

The diving school Wannadive is a household name on Bonaire. The experienced and certified instructors offer a complete range of lessons, courses and training from beginner to professional. Don’t have your own diving equipment? No problem, because at Wannadive you can rent everything, from snorkel to dive computer. There is also a store with diving equipment and, if possible, they repair your equipment. Bart: “We are a large organization and offer diving from a to z. But more importantly, we bring fun. That smile on the face, that’s what we’re all about. If someone surfaces with a smile from ear to ear, then we are satisfied.’

Experience Bonaire to believe it!

Swim fins on, bottles filled, goggles on and enjoy. Experienced divers as well as beginners go on a trip with Wannadive. ‘Bring back the fun’ is a fun one-day boat trip. Boat diving is a special experience and the Wannadive instructors bring you to the most beautiful locations adapted to your diving or snorkeling level. And all with a smile, because sociability is paramount. Special is the ‘Bring back the challenge’ tour to the east side of the island and those who really want something special can join the ‘experience’ with a spectacular night dive.

Where can I book a diving course?

Booking a dive course or day trip with a good dive center on Bonaire can be done directly with Wannadive at Dive & Beach Resort Grand Windsock Bonaire. So you can easily combine a stay on Bonaire with learning to dive on Bonaire. In fact, the luxury resort near the center of Kralendijk is ideally located and offers luxurious accommodations from 1- to 6-person private villas and apartments.

Turtle watching

The Bonaire National Marine Park is the first marine park in the world and covers the sea around Bonaire, Klein Bonaire and Lac Bay to a depth of 75 meters including the coral reef, sea grass and mangrove forest. It is a unique park established in 1979 and most of it is accessible to divers and snorkelers. You imagine yourself in a huge aquarium! And don’t be alarmed if you meet a sea turtle, because of the seven different species of sea turtles, five live in Bonaire’s waters. During a dive or while snorkeling, you are sure to see them.

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Rent a car

Would you also like to enjoy Bonaire’s various viewpoints? Grand Windsock Bonaire likes to do everything possible to make your vacation complete and therefore also offers a rental service. In combination with a stay at our resort, we offer very attractive rates. Check out the possibilities here.

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