Wind! Preferably every day. And then some constant too. That’s what kitesurfers are looking for when they book a kitesurfing vacation. In warm water and with the sun high in the sky. But where can you find such a paradise with a guarantee of wind and sun? Kite on Bonaire!

The trade wind

A very constant easterly wind that actually blows all year round. At north latitude, it is called the northeast trade wind. It mainly serves the southern part of Morocco and the Canary Islands, but also Bonaire where it is more east than northeast. Southern latitude, it is called the southeast trade wind. Named for its most common direction. The name is derived from Spanish and dates back to the days of sailing. On Bonaire, the southeast trade wind is the big engine for kite and windsurfers. Strength of the trade winds again depends on air pressure differences and so they vary from month to month.

The best wind conditions

The time for kitesurfing is from February to August. Then you have the best wind conditions with an average of 18 to 20 knots. A nice wind strength of 5 beaufort which is ideal for any level. Gusts of 30 knots (7 beaufort) are no exception. But also from September to February there will surely be wind, only then it is more variable. Kite on Bonaire.


Bonaire has several good kite spots. The best and most favorite spot is Kite Beach Atlantis in the southwest of the island where the famous salt pans are located. The sun is reflected there and gives off a beautiful glow on the beach. The wind there is offshore and therefore you have flat water. Bonaire has made an exception for kite surfers so you can surf here, because officially you have to stay 75 meters from the shore, meaning being outside the Bonaire National Marine Park. This is obviously not feasible for the safety of the kitesurfers and so a corridor has been established at Atlantis Kite Beach.

Nature Fee

Every surfer who wants to take to the water on Bonaire must purchase a Nature Fee. This card grants you access to the Caribbean Sea. You can purchase it online or on site at any kite station. At Atlantis Kite beach, you can visit one of the two kite schools that also rent out and repair equipment. Moreover, these are the places where you go to chill out after a surf session with a cool drink. The proceeds from the Nature Fee are spent by the Bonaire government on the maintenance of the nature parks.


Besides the Atlantis hotspot, there is more. The stretch of sea between Klein Bonaire and Bonaire is also used for kite surfing. However, the trade winds there are somewhat disturbed which produces more gusts and wind holes, but an experienced kite surfer knows how to deal with that. By the way, you also see kiters at Pink Beach north of Atlantis. The wind often blows harder there, but it is also more difficult to start because of the coral reefs there. Besides, you are officially not allowed to kite there! Where kitesurfing is also not allowed and enforced is in the lagoon of Lac Bay. Domain of windsurfers!

Kitesurfing can be learned quickly

It is not a difficult sport and it takes much less strength than you might initially think. Especially compared to windsurfing, it is easier and much faster to learn. With windsurfing, it often takes years before you are in the footstraps and can make a reasonable water start and jibe. But even though it is not that difficult, you will have to take several days of lessons in the beginning. Just for the safety of yourself and the environment! Bonaire has several centers where qualified instructors teach you. They have the right teaching materials and make sure you can get out on the water quickly and independently. In addition, they have a boat that will stay close to you and bring you back if you drift too far from shore. A necessity in offshore winds! Experienced kitesurfers can also retrain their skills and learn from the pros.

Atlantis Kite Beach

Located less than fifteen minutes drive from Kralendijk and thus easily accessible. From the resort Grand Windsock Bonaire it is even less and the transfer is arranged for you when you book a kitesurfing package. You will be given a delicious deluxe picnic basket, fully enjoy the whole day on the water. If you don’t bring your own kite gear, you can use the rental equipment which is in excellent condition and regularly checked for safety on the water.

And if you are lucky you will be accompanied during your kite session by a group of dolphins who will gladly jump with you. An unforgettable experience that makes a kitesurfing vacation on Bonaire unique.

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Rent a car

Would you also like to enjoy Bonaire’s various viewpoints? Grand Windsock Bonaire likes to do everything possible to make your vacation complete and therefore also offers a rental service. In combination with a stay at our resort, we offer very attractive rates. Check out the possibilities here.

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