Beaches of Bonaire

You won’t find any mass tourism on Bonaire or long, white sandy beaches, but a rough and unspoiled coast with stunning natural beaches. That’s doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the sun and sea here. Every beach on Bonaire has its own character: on some, it’s all about seeing and being seen in trendy beach clubs, while others are peaceful, picturesque and loved by families with children.

Klein Bonaire

Those sandy beaches that Bonaire does have are immensely beautiful. Klein Bonaire, the enchanting isle off the coast of Kralendijk, has snow-white beaches where you can snorkel or relax in the Caribbean sun.

It is a paradise for snorkelers and bathers who relax under the ever-present Caribbean sun.


Lac Bay & Sorobon Beach

Lac Bay is an azure blue lagoon in the south-east of Bonaire with two fantastic sandy beaches, each with its own character. On Sorobon Beach, the young and hip folk gather, mainly to show off their skills with their colorful surfboards on the open water of Lac Bay. The beach at Sorobon is also popular with families with children, due to the shallow water, the fine, powder-white sand and the peace and space. By contrast, Cal Beach is the domain of the local Bonairian people, who gather here every Sunday and where whole families are entertained by local music, dancing and a delicious BBQ.

Wide sandy beaches are important nesting places for sea turtles.

Sea turtles

Wide sandy beaches are an absolute prerequisite for sea turtles breeding and therefore Klein Bonaire is also an important place where they lay their eggs.

With a bit of luck, you can even witness the young reptiles emerging and then making their way across the beach to the safety of the Caribbean Sea.


Lac Bay is the most important foraging area for the sea turtles that live in the waters around the island. At the bottom of Lac Bay grow vulnerable seagrass fields that are also protected. Seagrass is an important food source for sea turtles.