5 reasons to book a vacation to Bonaire

A vacation to Bonaire who wouldn’t want that?

Bonaire is a tropical island and together with Aruba and Curacao belongs to the ABC islands in the Caribbean. Bring a book, beach chair and laze around. Stroll along the ocean, have a cocktail at the beach bar and enjoy a grilled freshly caught fish at sunset.

And yet, there are big differences in the three islands and that’s why we give 5 travel tips so you know what makes Bonaire so special.

The lifestyle

The people of Bonaire take it easy. They are less hectic and enjoy their island intensely. You notice that everywhere. In the hotels, the restaurants and on the streets. There is a relaxed atmosphere where everything is possible and rush is non-existent. Mass tourism has not yet taken hold on Bonaire and that makes it smaller, cozier and more authentic. Bon bini Bonaire!

The climate

All year round Bonaire offers a steady summer climate. Sunshine is guaranteed, even in the so-called “rainy season. The months of September and October are accompanied by tropical rains in the afternoon, but an entire day of rain never occurs. The rest of the year is summer hot with cooling trade winds swaying the palms and making life pleasant on the best beaches.

It is a diving paradise

For lovers of the underwater world, Bonaire is unique. The island is known as one of the best dive sites in the world. In the protected Bonaire National Marine Park you can see tropical fish, the colors of the coral and numerous other marine inhabitants. And if you are not experienced, one of the diving school offer courses and guided diving excursions, or you can go swimming around with a snorkel and enjoy all the beauty that swims under you.

The Wind

The wind is almost always blowing on Bonaire and strong enough for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Due to the specific location of the island, it offers ideal conditions. Kiters find themselves mainly at Kitebeach Atlantis in the southwest and in the strait between Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. Windsurfers choose Lac Bay, a beautiful stand-deep lagoon that makes practicing easy. Local kite and windsurfing schools offer lessons and equipment rentals.

Perfect wedding location

More and more couples are discovering Bonaire for their wedding. Good weather is guaranteed on the most important day of your life, you can throw a super great party outdoors and the guests immediately have a wonderful summer vacation. There are several hotels that respond well to this and put together special wedding packages. Especially the resort Grand Windsock Bonaire has already made many couples happy with a popping party at The Beach, Bonaire’s hippest beach bar.

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Rent a car

Would you also like to enjoy Bonaire’s various viewpoints? Grand Windsock Bonaire likes to do everything possible to make your vacation complete and therefore also offers a rental service. In combination with a stay at our resort, we offer very attractive rates. Check out the possibilities here.

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